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Spotted Tail Quoll


This cute spotted tail quoll figurine is sculpted in a curious walking pose with it's head looking slightly to the right. The model has been hand-painted with a realistic orange-brown coat and distinctive white spots.

Mountain Brushtail Possum


The Southlands Mountain Brushtail Possum is a great addition to the Southlands Replicas range of Australian animals. This 'southern bobuck' figurine is sculpted in a crawling pose with one front paw slightly curled. Designed and sculpted in Australia, this native animal has been completed with a hand-painted finish.

Brumby Mare


Introducing 'Spirit'.... the beautiful Brumby Mare. Spirit embodies the true spirit of the Australian bush - peaceful, yet alive & untamed. She is sculpted in an elegant pose featuring a flowing blonde mane and tail.

Welsh Pony Stallion


The Schleich Welsh Pony Stallion is a handsome model horse. Hand-painted with a dapple grey behind and blonde mane and tail, this little stallion is a perfect addition to your Schleich collection.

English Thoroughbred Mare


The Schleich English Thoroughbred Mare is a beautiful model horse with a tied mane and flowing tail. Hand-painted in a brown coat, this horse figure is completed with glossy eyes.

Walrus Schleich


The Schleich Walrus is a thick walrus model. Featuring long tusks and detailed rolls, this figurine is an accurate replica of the walrus.

Yorkshire Terrier Schleich


The Yorkshire Terrier by Schleich is a cute little dog figure. Highly detailed with long hair and a sweet face, this little terrier will bring nothing but joy to your little one's playtime!

Polar Bear 2018


The Schleich Polar Bear is sculpted in a standing pose with her head raised. She features finely detailed hair strokes, a glossy black nose and glossy eyes.

Indian Rhinoceros


The Schleich Indian Rhino is sculpted in a walking pose. This rhino figure is highly detailed all over and is a must-have figurine for any wildlife collection.

Braunvieh Cow


The Schleich Braunvieh Cow is a sturdy cow figurine. She is hand-painted with a brown/grey coat beautifully intermingled with different shades, and a black muzzle ringed with lighter fur. Although very muscular, her appearance is refined and graceful.

Lion 2018


The Schleich Lion is sculpted in a standing pose looking to the right. He has a sweet face, textured mane and has been hand-painted for accuracy.

French Bulldog Schleich


The French Bulldog by Schleich is an adorable little dog figurine. Hand-painted in a black and white coat with pinkish marks on her face.

Zebra Foal 2018


Schleich 14811 Zebra Foal - Coming 2018.

Welsh Pony Mare


The Schleich Welsh Pony Mare is sculpted in a basic walking pose. She has been hand-painted and features glossy eyes.

Velociraptor 2018


The Schleich Velociraptor has been hand-painted in bright colours and sculpted with feathered details. This dinosaur features moveable arms and an articulated jaw.

Triceratops 2018


The Schleich 2018 Triceratops is a solid dinosaur figurine. Painted by hand, this dinosaur model is sculpted in a running pose and features great detailing all round.

Therizinosaurus 2018


Featuring moveable arms and an articulated jaw, the Schleich Therizinosaurus is a great addition to your Schleich Dinosaurs collection. Completed in a hand-painted finish.

Texas Longhorn Cow 2018


Schleich 13865 Texas Longhorn Cow - Coming 2018.

Texas Longhorn Bull 2018


Schleich 13866 Texas Longhorn Bull - Coming 2018.



Schleich 15005 Tawa - Coming 2018.

Seal Young


Schleich 14802 Seal Young - Coming 2018.

Seal 2018


Schleich 14801 Seal - Coming 2018.

Quarter Horse Stallion 2018


Schleich 13853 Quarter Horse Stallion - Coming 2018.

Quarter Horse Mare 2018


The Schleich Quarter Horse Mare is a beautiful model horse hand-painted in a chestnut colour. Featuring yellow ties in her mane, this mare is dressed up and ready for play!

Quarter Horse Foal


Schleich 13854 Quarter Horse Foal - Coming 2018.

Psittacosaurus Safari


The Safari Ltd Psittacosaurus has been professionally sculpted and painted by hand. Its spotted brown colour, darker on top and lighter below, reflects the latest scientific discoveries.

Oviraptor Schleich


Schleich 15001 Oviraptor - Coming 2018.



Schleich 14807 Orca - Coming 2018.

Male Chimpanzee


Schleich 14817 Male Chimpanzee - Coming 2018.

Lion Cub


Schleich 14813 Lion Cub- Coming 2018.

Koala Schleich


Schleich 14815 Koala - Coming 2018.

Holsteiner Mare


The Schleich Holsteiner Mare is a beautiful model horse sculpted in a trotting pose. Featuring pink ties in her mane, this horse figurine is completed in a hand-painted finish.

Holsteiner Gelding


The Schleich Holsteiner Gelding is a handsome model horse. He is hand-painted with a grey dapple coat and ombre mane and tail.

Holsteiner Foal


Schleich 13860 Holstein Foal - Coming 2018.

Hippopotamus 2018


Schleich 14814 Hippopotamus - Coming 2018.

Great White Shark 2018


Schleich 14809 Great White Shark - Coming 2018.