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T-Rex Feathered Roaring Deluxe Scale


Fans have asked CollectA for a more traditional scaled tyrannosaurus, and the new theory that adults were less heavily plumaged than the young of the species has given them the opportunity to design a new model of an adult with head and dorsal plumage only. It is portrayed as roaring and features a moveable jaw. 1:40 scale.

Sperm Whale CollectA 2018


CollectA 88835 Sperm Whale - Coming 2018

Ring-Tailed Lemur


CollectA 88831 Ring-Tailed Lemur - Coming 2018

Musk Ox CollectA


CollectA 88837 Musk Ox - Coming 2018

Morgan Bay Deluxe Scale


The CollectA Morgan Bay Deluxe Scale is sculpted in 1:12 scale. The Morgan horse is one of the earliest horse breeds developed in the United States. Tracing back to the foundation sire Figure, it was later named Justin Morgan after his best-known owner.

Mapusaurus Deluxe Scale


The Mapusaurus was one of the largest and most ferocious carnivorous dinosaurs up to 12.6 metres (41 ft) in length. This CollectA deluxe model comes with an articulated jaw. 1:40 scale.

Hippopotamus CollectA 2018


CollectA 88833 Hippopotamus - Coming 2018

Grey Whale CollectA 2018


CollectA 88836 Grey Whale - Coming 2018

Dunkleosteus Deluxe Scale


Dunkleosteus was a terrifying armoured fish of the Late Devonian era that could grow up to 6m in length. The skull was armoured and although some models show this as exposed bone plates, the CollectA model correctly shows it covered with skin. It did not possess teeth but had bone shears instead. As only the bone skull survives in the fossil record as the rest of the body was made of cartilage therefore, the rest of the body is based on other smaller and related species. The new model adopts the idea that such a huge fish would have had to have had a heterocercal caudel fin rather like the shark in order to efficiently manoeuvre around. The CollectA replica features a movable jaw.

Blue Whale CollectA 2018


CollectA 88834 Blue Whale - Coming 2018