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Spotted Tail Quoll


This cute spotted tail quoll figurine is sculpted in a curious walking pose with it's head looking slightly to the right. The model has been hand-painted with a realistic orange-brown coat and distinctive white spots.

Mountain Brushtail Possum


The Southlands Mountain Brushtail Possum is a great addition to the Southlands Replicas range of Australian animals. This 'southern bobuck' figurine is sculpted in a crawling pose with one front paw slightly curled. Designed and sculpted in Australia, this native animal has been completed with a hand-painted finish.

Brumby Mare


Introducing 'Spirit'.... the beautiful Brumby Mare. Spirit embodies the true spirit of the Australian bush - peaceful, yet alive & untamed. She is sculpted in an elegant pose featuring a flowing blonde mane and tail.

Brumby Foal

Introducing Rusty.... the fiery Brumby Foal. Sculpted in a playful pose, Rusty completes the Southlands Brumby family.