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Ice Griffin

Ice griffin The ice griffin has several pointy weapons to neutralise its enemies: In a duel, it first pierces the

Lava Scorpion

Lava scorpion the lava scorpion lurks well hidden in the rugged rocks of the lava world, waiting for its victims.

Stone Monster

Stone monster When the fierce colossus moves, all of Eldrador shakes! The stone monster may not be particularly fast or

Ice Dragon

Ice dragon The ice dragon turns his opponents into ice in no time at all: he is a fast and

Lava Dragon

Lava dragon The lava dragon is master of the skies in the lava world. Anyone who invades his area will

Battle for the Superweapon – Frost Monster vs. Fire Lion

Battle for the Superweapon – Frost Monster vs. Fire Lion The frost monster has made his way into the lava

Ice Spider

Ice spider In the labyrinthine caves of the ice world lurks a gruesome surprise: the deadly ice spider lies in

Fire Bull

Fire bull Caution, hot-tempered: the fire bull doesn’t think twice before skewering opponents with his pointy, glowing-hot horns, which can

Cave Bear

Cave bear The cave bear is a feared fighter who can lie in wait for his opponents in every world

Monster Fish

Monster fish No intruder in the water world will get past the dangerous monster fish! As soon as he has

Snow Wolf

Snow wolf With his white fur, the fierce wolf can move almost unseen in the snow and then, at the


Hellhound Anyone who wants to enter the lava world must first of all pass the hellhound. And this is easier

Armored Turtle with Weapon

Armoured turtle with weapon This humpbacked colossus is a master of deception: many foes think that the armoured turtle is

Battle Crab with Weapon

Battle crab with weapon With its six legs, the ferocious battle crab can move lightning-fast, allowing it to quickly catch